Sunday, 7 February 2010

Busy. Busy. Busy.

First of all I have to apologise for not blogging for over a week, I've been super super busy with school and work and LIFE! And feeling totally fat!

It hasn't been the best week, since my diet, it was going so well but I just gave in at times and consumed the most disgusting amounts of food. Why? WHO THE HELL KNOWS!!! But I'm back on track for now, I still haven't bought an outfit for the Brit Awards, so hopefully by the time I do, I'll be skinny enough to make people go WOW.

I especially want to impress this boy I like at school, I have some competition but the other girl who likes him is... to be honest... short and plump. Whereas I'm probably 4 inches taller and how should i word this... not as plump. Hopefully, he chooses me, but who's to know. We get on so well! I don't see why we aren't together yet! Ha... tad bit optimistic?

But anyway, do you remember I mentioned my friend Jay in like my first blog? Well she went to a party the other day and her pictures are up on facebook. HOLY COW she's soooo skinny! I'm so so so jealous! It makes me want to puke up every single tiny crumb I eat, that's how depressing it is to look at how tiny she is. Don't get me wrong, she's great thinspo, since I see her nearly everyday but she just reminds me of how fat I am.

I hope you guys are feeling better than I am...

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  1. i love your thinspo. and i know what you mean about your thin friend. theres this one girl at my school that is SO thin, but she eats like crazy and she's my thinspiration at school but sometimes it depresses me because i'm so fat. good luck with the guy! =]