Sunday, 17 January 2010

7lbs lighter.

So, my dad bought two large pizzas home the other day, clearly someone up there hates me.
So I'm trying very hard to resist and I'm doing quite well, glass after glass of water goes by and I'm so full on H20 that i couldn't possibly think about food.

Then my sister, damn her, pulls chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. YOU'RE KIDDING ME RIGHT? Now, I'm basically hiding in my room to keep away from that chocolate chip smell. And then the door bells rings, I open it and phew! it's just mum rather than another pizza delivery guy, oh, no, wait, what's that? what's that in your hand? S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G. The bain of my life. When the fridge, freezer and cupboards get refilled with things I cannot resist. It may have just been the worst day of my life.

So I ended up binging and purging, not just on the shopping but the pizza and cookies as well.
Then funnily enough, I weighed myself this morning and BAM! 7lbs lighter than christmas, 126lbs. I've giving myself fortnightly targets, within the next two weeks I want to be 119lbs.
I think you guys should totally message me and we can do this together, it's so much more worth it when there's someone to do it with :D

Food for thought...

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  1. love your thinspo. congrats on the weight loss! i've realized we have SO much in common, my GOSH! my starting weight was 126, and i'm down to 115 now after some struggles. but i'm a dancer, and i'm the exact same way... i'm always surrounded by these tiny dancers and i feel like a blimp. i'd love to do the weight loss thing with you! stay strong! you can do it! =]