Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sometimes I Just Can't Say No.

There's only one word to describe today... FAT. I'm actually embaressed to tell you. I was doing so well, I'd had an apple, water, a chewee bar (92 calories) and a coffee. I WAS meant to stop at that but nooooo, my friends decide to go to McDonalds Drive Thru on the way home, I'm such a sucker for a macky d's burger and fries. And it's not like the diet coke made it any healthier. I'm such a PIG, however don't judge me because I plan to throw it all up once I get off of this.
But also don't judge me for purging, please, I feel bad enough for doing it, it's messing me up bigtime I can feel it. But, it's the price I have to pay for being soooo stupid.

I did 200 crunches last night, I'm aiming for 300 tonight cause any form of exercise needs to be done NOW! And I had no dance lessons today, just singing, so i know i haven't worked anything off.

Fast tomorrow, loads of water hopefully, anyone know how to feel full without actually being full? Chewing gum maybe?

On a lighter happier note my friend asked if I'd lost weight :D apparently my legs look "really skinny", I should be satisfied but to her "really skinny" isn't actually really skinny. I count it as pretty normal, so technically I just look average... does that make sense? Hopefully tomorrow I'll be so occupied that food won't even cross over my mind, where is my willpower?

Anyway not to put you off but I'm going to go and get rid of that mcdonalds i ate about 20minutes ago before it can be digested properly. Even I'm a little disgusted by what I just said.

I took the liberty of adding a few more pictures :D I always appreciate thinspo so I can add to my own folders. Hopefully this is satisfying for you. Stay strong my beauties.


  1. i know exactly what you mean... like this past saturday, i had dance practice starting at 11, and a performance at 6, so i was dancing all day long. it was tough... i ate way much more than i should. but when you're dancing all day long, you have to eat... that's just how it is. i had an egg sandwich for breakfast that morning, which was about 170 calories. so if you like eggs and toast, that's a great thing to have because it gives you some protein-- energy! 2 pieces of whole wheat nature's own bread (50 cals each- 100cal total), then 1 egg scrambled (70 calories). just toast the bread, then put the egg in between. or if you think that tastes weird, you can just have an egg with toast. =] i'm still trying to figure out stuff to eat before practice. i'm still experimenting with that. so if you figure stuff out, let me know! =]

    now on the keeping full part when fasting... i always drink a lot of powerade zero. it has zero calories, and it tastes AMAZING (to me at least). you can get like big 32 oz. bottles of it for like.. 88 cents at target or walmart. it's amazing. it comes in blueberry, grape, and strawberry. i also chew a lot of gum and drink a lot of water.

    btw, i love the thinspo. =] i wish i had skinny legs! but no worries, i definitely have dancer thighs. lovely. i know what you mean about the mcdonalds. i haven't eaten there in a while, thank goodness, but sometimes i really just crave their burger and fries. but if you drive thru there sometimes and have the strength to not get that, you can always get their grilled chicken snack wrap! the one with honey mustard is 70 calories and the one with ranch is 80 calories. who knew mcdonalds could have something halfway decent on their menu for us! ;]

    well, feel free to email me if you'd like. i wouldn't mind being texting buddies either, if you'd like! my email is got2bedancin247@aol.com


  2. o gosh, i also had a fat day. in fact not a fat day, i had THE FATTEST FATTIEST FAT day.... and i know what you mean, as i was writing about it on my blog, i was also embarrassed, and almost lied about what i ate, as I know you will all think im a pig.
    But i deserve it, so i had to be truthful. In someways I need criticism to help me push foward.
    Anyway, glad your getting compliments, thats real good, as people only notice when theree's a big difference, so well done :)

  3. thanks for the comment, I now see things your way.
    the diet does sound like a good idea doesn't it?
    forget the mc donalds, forget the purging. tomorrow is another day, another day to look at your amazing thinspo (btw) and think, that is what I want.
    Stay strong x

  4. I know how you feel i had the most disgusting eating today, fatting food all day, it was horrible. the worst part. i never got the chance to "get rid" of it. i feel horrible .
    but on the bright side tomorrow is a brand new day,
    we can start over,
    and the thinspo is amazing.
    but stay strong WE CAN DO THIS :}