Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Group Diet. Updates!

Yes Please.
So I'm thinking, have a group fast however if you can't do it, maximum of 500 calories per day? Trust me, snacking on low cal foods will soon fill you up, and we don't want to feel full, at all.
Keep this up until Saturday, so for latecomers who wanna join totally go for it! Keep updating as you go, it'll be a real help to me and others hopefully.
Tell me your thoughts! And feel free to add some more rules or whatever to the diet, it's a group thing :D
Hungry? Few Food Tips:
Hard boiled egg - 12 cals
One slice of brown bread - 28 cals (though i'd stay AWAY from the carbs)
Strawberries 28g - 7 cals
Rice Cakes 10g - 38 cals
Broccoli 30g - 7 cals
Celery 40g - 2 cals
Cup of coffee - 15.4 cals
Feel free to add to this list as well :D
Keep strong girlies, let's totally do this!


  1. thanks for the list... VERY helpful.

    i will definitely be messaging you. sorry i haven't recently... i've been SO busy with dance and school it's been tough for me to find enough time just to even post on here. thanks for being such an amazing friend and supporter! stay strong!


  2. 5 grapes, 10 cals!
    They're so juicy and fibre = filling.
    I'm so ready for this. Startinnnnnnngggg now! x