Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Got2bedancin247 SAVED MY DAY!

2 words. Chewing Gum.
She'll know what I mean :D

I'm so happy right now, it was a good day, no purging, no binging, no fatty foods, no food at all actually just... chewing gum. No well actually that's a lie, I ate a rice cake. But apart from that, nothing! I just want to say, I know I've only got 8 followers at the moment but you guys have really helped already, I'm so glad you're here to talk to and I really hope we do this together cause it's not like I can talk to my friends here about it, I really just love having people I can talk to, people who relate to me, motivation is the key, so here's some for you :D


  1. wow! congrats! i was definitely going to fast today... until i told my boyfriend i had been craving mexican food forever. BAD idea... so we went and ate mexican. i was just going to get a taco... turned out to be a taco, a full plate of rice, and chips with salsa and queso! ugh.

    BUT... congrats on eating only ONE rice cake and just chewing gum! that's awesome! you skinny little mini! =]

    i love the thinspo, btw. =]

  2. Good job girl! Congrats on your progress!

  3. Great job! I love chewing gum because it tricks your body to think that you're eating and it surpress hunger!

    Great Thinspo!

  4. Chewing gum is a great trick.
    Love your blog with its amazing thinspo (:
    I'm always here if you need support, deffinately can't talk to friends about this.
    Stay strong x