Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Size 6 (US 2)

Sorry it's been some time since I blogged, been super super busy!
But to update, I'm going to the BRIT awards soon :D and I need a new dress/outfit. I am praying so hard, that someone up there has been good to me and allowed me to lose enough weight to fit into a size 6. I mean i tend to, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. I don't want that to occur! I need to look super hot, otherwise I'm just gonna be an average joe amongst other average joe's. No thank you.

I think that's part of my eating disorder, I know I have one, (is it weird to think about the fact that I have one?) I'm not perfect, but I want to be, most people will say it's unachievable but I'm gonna damn well try. The thing is, it's not like no one see's me, I'm normal with amazing friends and I go to an amazing school it's just I've had this for 2 years and I've been pretty content just working towards my goal. There is no better feeling than when someone says to you "Have you lost weight?" or "You're so skinny!" or "I wish I had your figure" I live to hear those words and they just spur me on!

But moving on, I'm going shopping on saturday to find an outfit and fingers crossed I fit! I will literally, not go if I don't get the size 6. I'll come back and blog as soon as I know, I may need your support if it doesn't go well.

So guys, group diet? I think it might work since competitiveness always works! I'm not saying bad competitiveness, I mean good competitiveness lol. So we'll put together a strict diet and all do it. That way, when you go to toast that piece of bread and spread it with thick fatty butter you'll think twice, as when you get on the blogs, you'll see that others have made it through the day and are losing their pounds while you're piling them on. That will be the worst feeling. I think it may work...
Something to keep you going?


  1. i can't believe you put i saved your day! that makes me feel so good! =]

    i like your idea about the diet. i think if i had a plan about all this, id be so much more successful. and competitiveness is my thing... it always helps me. so i'm definitely in on it! =]

    love the thinspo. i know exactly what you mean about the comments from friends about looking good and skinny. makes me feel on top of the world. keep up the great work!


  2. I'm in on that diet. Shall we stick to hot water? I think so.
    And don't worry about a thing, you'll slink into the dress and be the belle of the brits! x

  3. Size 6 sounds like a beautiful thing, don't you think.
    Your diet idea thing sounds cool, can anyone join or have you already started? Good competetive behavior is a good thing I think, personally.
    Agreed. It is weird to think, do I have an eating disorder. As if nothing is as important then it.

    Aimee x