Sunday, 10 January 2010


Well I'm not too sure what to write so i'm just going to ramble. It's the week after christmas holidays and I think it took its toll. The second week I managed to get a grip and sneak away when I could to throw up but going back to school really did the job, being occupied is such a help. That way i just don't think about food.

I've also been doing a lot of exercise at night and in the morning so my parents don't notice how much I'm pushing myself, I learnt this from "Perfect Body" the movie on youtube, there are soooo many ed films out there I had no idea. Of course in the end they always get better but, that really hasn't convinced me to stop yet. Another good one also on youtube is "Sharing The Secret" and "A Secret Between Friends" of course the acting isn't great but it helps me to remind myself why I do it

Anyway gotta run, need to finish tidying my room. Thinspo?

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