Thursday, 14 January 2010

Smiling Inside

So we just had a sleepover, ate chinese and every other fatty food you can find. I managed to get away and sick it all up, (i know mia is SO bad for you, but i had to! i'd been sooo bad!) and well we woke up and started comparing morning stomachs.

I managed to lift my tshirt a centimetre from my trousers but stopped there only because im purely disgusted by my stomach but they didn't notice, thank god! then we started discussing weight and this actually made my day, i'm the tallest by about an inch and a half and i weighed the same as my friend one of which is like 5ft whereas im 5"7.5ft. AND im toned in places muscle does weigh more than fat right? Or am i just being optimistic?

Well that's why i'm a tiny bit happy, but that doesn't mean I'm stopping now! NO WAY. I'm on my way to being the thinnest and lightest, it's only now beginning really! We've got a show soon, hopefully I'm skinny enough by then. 115lbs hopefully, once I get there then we'll see how it goes but that's my goal for now.
Oh and did I tell you about Jay?? Jay was most likely heavier than me a year ago, now however, WOW some of my friends call her "anorexic" but she's hardly that, more... erm... PERFECT! I never see her eat, lucky, i wish i had that will power. I know she blatantly has an ed but discussing it with her would be soo weird, especially as we're not THAT close.

I would post a picture of her, but that's a bit unfair to her. So here's some thinspo instead. Follow Me :D


  1. I'm following you. :) I saw you were following my blog too. I'll be interested to read more.

  2. Hey hun,
    good luck with everything, i'm interested to hear about your progress. If you need to chat or anything im always here, and im sort of a new blogger as well so if you'd like to follow me too im sure we can be friends and help motivate each other!
    Take care & stay strong!
    much love,