Thursday, 22 April 2010

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Today was such a workout! I loved every minute of it! Firstly I had an english trip to John Keats house (a poet) in the morning, easilyyyyyyy didn't have to eat anything, however I did get a skinny latte from starbucks AH! but I burned it off later because...

I got back to school, missed lunch break so went straight to jazz! It was such a workout lesson! To a point where I was so dehydrated I stopped sweating, my mouth was seriously dry and I was trembling continuously, it sounds bad but that just means it's working!

Next I went and met my mum to do some shopping, therefore no eating just new clothes! From there I went straight to my modern theatre dance class, sweated it out there, came home and here I am, talking about how today was such a success. 1x skinny latte which I've obviously burnt off by now. Bring on tomorrow!

Is it bad that I'm craving cigarettes though?

Abbey Lee Kershaw is below, apart from being amazingly STUNNING, she's got such a hot body. In Alexander McQueen's (RIP) spring/summer '09 show she fainted because the corset was so tight! (3rd picture down) however just look at her collar bones in that picture ahhh! jealous jealous jealous, BONES, BONES, BONES! I hate myself for not looking like that, it should be natural! DAMN IT.

There's that song... "Wants to look like a star but she takes it too far, She's never good enough.
Want to be Mary-Kate perfect weight 88, she's never good enough"

Sometimes that's what gets me through the day, I have thinspo videos and pictures on my iPod, I never let my friends go through it.

Stay strong my beauties xoxox

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