Thursday, 15 April 2010

Natasha Poly

Ah, Natasha Poly. I'd kill for a body and cheek bones like hers. It's a shame I had mcdonalds today then isn't it? I went and knelt in front of the toilet as well, and I just couldn't bring myself to bring it all up again. I know I haven't done it in a while so, I think I'm nervous, cause once I start again, everything i eat, I put back down the toilet and just make myself ill. But I want to be skinny!!!! ALL I WANT IS BONES BONES BONES!

I told one of my friends about my eating disorder today, just as she confessed she tried making herself throw up. I told her it's in the past though, so she doesn't know I have it now. It's not long until she finds out though i bet, she'll start to notice I don't eat at lunch and I feel faint in dance class and so on. I think it was a mistake.

Can anyone give me some tips on resisting a binge, cause there's so much going on that makes me want to eat everything in the cupboards and I just want to be able to resist it all! I'm not having a good day.

Please be stronger than me my beauties. xoxo


  1. hmm // resisting a binge ..
    well, i make a rule to finish 1 liter of water/diet soda before I have what i want (sugary doughy crap) .. after that i don't feel too hip on eating.
    let me know what works .. we can all use the tips!

  2. I hate purging. i hate hate hate it. but the only way I'm finding not to is just not to eat. and it is awful.

  3. same! i've got such issues with food, sometimes i just can't resist and i hate not having that will power and the only way to get rid of it is to purge.. but i don't want to.
    Just got to find the will power i guess.