Friday, 9 April 2010

Worst day ever!!

I'm actually fuming! I'm boiling inside and hurting at the same time, It's unbelievable what I'm about to tell you.
So the boy I've been seeing right, HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?! I thought you were seeing me prick! Ahhh, and the thing is my friends thought he was a dickhead in the first place but I always said when he's with me it's different and whenever i'm with him everything else just doesn't exist, i thought it was going somewhere and now, NOW! Urgh! He makes me sickkk, but It hurts so much at the same time!

AND, when i heard the news I texted him to ask him and he didn't reply, which made me even more angry and I binged. That's what it drove me to, I binged so so much and now I feel like a fat cow. I'm fat, I'm single, I can't control myself. I haven't felt this self pitying in a while.

I know that I shouldn't have binged, that was in the moment, but NOW. I'm ready, I'm gonna get so skinny and so hot and just shove it in his face, I'm so determined now. Fast tomorrow, I'm gonna fast until I physically have no energy to get out of bed, whatever it takes, I'm going to show him what he's missing.

Sorry to totally spring this angry side of me on you guys, I just thought he was different... Thinspo?

Let's do this together my beauties. xoxo

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