Sunday, 11 April 2010

Bones. Bones. Bones.

Everything's worth it if in the end if i look like Jessica Stam, or even skinnier. I'd walk around naked, however I can't in my current state.

Back to school tomorrow, I'm actually excited because that way I'm always occupied and whenever I get home I never eat dinner anyway so... I can fast all week really. Slight problem though, I have ballet first thing tomorrow, I normally get by without eating breakfast before ballet but I know the lesson's going to be energetic. Oh well, I do often get a thrill from feeling weak, it means it's working. And i'll just drink loads of water to stop being dehydrated.

Anyone in the U.K.? I really need a texting buddy, just so in my times of weakness, I can also have some motivation. A trick I tried is carrying a picture of Karlie Kloss in my purse, so when I open it to get money out for food, I see her skinny figure and i put my purse away. It really works, try it!

I was at work today and the shop was so busy I didn't have time for a lunch break! So happy! I could fast so easily, and when I got home I told my mum I had a late lunch so I didn't have to sit down to dinner. Everything is going to plan! 2 days with just diet coke! It's a shame it sometimes makes me bloated.

Also GOOD NEWS, that boy I was telling you about, who suddenly has a new girlfriend? Well, he's single again now! I'm glad it didn't work out, and if he thinks he can come running back to me well he's got another thing coming. :D Wow i've been quite strong about things lately.

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels my beauties, Bones. Bones. Bones. xoxo


  1. I would love to be your texting buddy darling! That would so help me too!!
    If you want my E-mail for my number let me know lovely.
    And I love the purse picture idea!
    Thats so ingenious, I'm doing it :)

  2. Oh girls, you break my heart. Please don't do this to yourself, be healthy. It's okay to be thin, but do you realize how much starving yourself actually kills your metabolism? Is it that the control feels good, or feeling hungry- the feeling that's almost like a high? Tell me, what is running your life? You? Or your fixation on being thin? Is that any quality of life? Guys go for girls who are healthy and secure about their bodies, trust me. They are also not so hot for skin and bones, trust me.