Wednesday, 7 April 2010


New Kurt Geiger Heels!!!!!
I'm a lover a really high heels, like really high, so when i got these i died! Totally kill after about 4 hours but it's all worth it.

I think i'm used to it now, mainly because what i'm about to tell you might make you think i'm already where i want to be but in reality i'm nowhere near... so i model sometimes, not majorly like edita vilkeviciute or lily donaldson or someone but the occasional thing here and there sometimes. I actually had an american apparel casting 2 weeks ago, haven't heard back yet so probably didn't get it ha! My most proudest moment was when i walked london fashion week, i don't want to be big headed right now or anything i just really want to tell you! But yeah, So that's why i'm used to high heels. Ha that was a long explanation.

I'm more of a dancer anyway.

Stay strong my beauties. xoxo

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